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ILIC ~ Ch 20
MsMoon's Crescent

It’s Lost Its Charm by MsMoon

Chapter 20 ~ Logical Orlesian Hair Cut

Chapters: 20/?

Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age,

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Violence,

Relationships: I feel like it’s a little early for that…

Summary: As dreams went, she supposed being inside Dragon Age wasn’t too bad… At least she wasn’t the Herald (again). Or the Warden (again). Or Hawke (again).

Notes: O..O Wow. Ok, so ...this chapter is just...it's HUGE, you guys. Not even kidding. Without the notes and responses, it's over 7,000 words. I'm not at all surprised by how long it took me to crank this one out. Partially because the video was something I was working on as well, but mostly because a LOT happens in this chapter. I'm...I'm just going to let you guys get to it.


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